60 Minute (times roughly 6) Makeover

With city development fully underway the interiors of Outbreak City’s buildings were looking rather bland, empty and lifeless (but not in a good way). Time for a lilliputian Llewelyn-Bowen touch.

I don’t currently have a vast range of interior items to fill the buildings that are done, let alone the others planned. The Ebbles archive DVD is on its way which I am reliably informed contains some great interior items I can’t wait to get started on. I began with something simple and chose a single storey unit – a generator service and repair shop. This was also the first building I cut the doors and windows from.
Luxury swag - result!
As Vampifan has commented, each additional step in a build adds to the total build time and adding an interior is likely one of the most significant. This simple interior took a few evenings. I am glad I chose something this small as I am now have realistic expectations on the time required for the larger ones.

I added a partition wall to create a backroom and split the retail space and a workshop area. The walls were painted (I’ll try to use more printed textures in future) and the shop unit floor is a Google search for tiled floor textures. The image was re-sized and tiled to fit. The workshop floor is simply coloured paper, cut to size.

To fill the rooms I relied heavily on the superb freebies from TommyGun and re-scaled items from Jim's Dolls House Pages (more in a future post) I selected some shelving units, a workstation with keyboard and monitor. I added a wall clock, a welcome mat and a few boxes. I was mindful that the space had to be playable but needed enough interesting touches to create the illusion of a real place. I am happy with the current status but it deserves another session’s work. I would like to add a couple of generators in the retail unit and one on a workbench out back with some oily stains on the workshop floor among other small details.

Zombie free - time to snaffle generator spares!
Yup, I know - something is missing. Almost every building should actually include toilets, washbasins and a separate sink, somewhere to make drinks in a commerical unit or a kitchen in a residential property. I'll look at including those in future builds, when I have some models to make up for them.

I am guessing that replicating porcelain thrones over and over again might be a bit of a pain in the proverbial but perhaps it will help keep in mind rule # 3. Beware of Bathrooms.


  1. Really very nice and thanks for the tips!


  2. I like what you've done here a lot. It also helps that I recognise most of the items you've added to your interior. I've used furniture from Ebbles and Jim's Dollhouse Pages a lot, even though WWG cover most of my needs. Even though this is a small building, it will give you a good sense of how time-consuming making furniture is. I applaud anyone who takes the time and effort to add interior detail to their model buildings. Well done, Adam, and keep up the good work. You're clearly on the right track.

  3. I do have to say congrats on the Ebbles Archive DVD, it has some great stuff on it. The interior props it does contain are more utilitarian, there are some Barracks props (Bunks, Table, Desk, Lockers, and chairs for the table and desk, plus a bonus surprise of a toilet), Storeroom props (shelves, boxes, hand cart, barrels, and pallets) and Workshop props (Shelves, Cabinets/Lockers, Workebench and a fabrication/CNC machine), these are all located in the 2007 folder, I do believe there are some interior props in the Derelict and Derelict II sets (2003 and 2004 folders respectively). I will be using the Workshop, Storeroom and Barracks props in the Folding Unit Structures once I get more of the build. I also have to second the WWG sets they have great props in them that aren't as utilitarian as the Ebbles Props. I currently own all the Urban mayhem sets excluding the Junkyard and Urban Grind, I also dont have the TLX sets yet, nor Cathedrea Noctis and Wildwood Grove, I do have Shellendrak Manor and the Return to Shellendrak Manor addon (picked up Return back when WWG offered it for free during Christmas).

    I haven't really browsed Jim's Dollhouse in a while since I first was tipped onto it by Bryan (Vampifan) back forever ago though his site and his posts on the WWG forums.

  4. Looking good bro very nice, really adds that extra something.

  5. Wonderful stuff with the paper items, it's a talent.

  6. Looks good Ad. You and Bryan are making me reconsider whether to do interiors for my buildings or not ...

  7. Thank you all so much for the positive feedback. This interior was very much a learning experience but I do feel it is a nice indication of how the set will take shape.

    As well as the new buildings I have on the go I'm busy cutting, folding and sticking all manner of additional items at the moment, expectantly waiting for the Ebbles DVD to arrive.

    Thinking about future builds, variety of textures and items are going to be key, so they don't look too similar. I can see more clearly the value of the WWG interior items now so that is firmly in my sights too.

    Colin - Bryan's interiors were very much my own inspiration for deciding to get stuck in. Glad to hear we might both be a catalyst for you to give it a try. I'd say give for it. Start simple and do a building you'll use frequently, so you get to enjoy your work. Most of what I used was available for free download, I so didn't have to commit too much to begin with. I'm sure Bryan can offer some advice from a more experienced viewpoint.

  8. What you say is true, Adam. I have already given Colin a lot of advice on card modelling through private e-mails we've exchanged. I am very happy to offer anyone any advice on this side of the hobby, either in public or in private if that's preferable. Doing interiors is labour intensive (no escaping that, sadly) but the results are certainly rewarding. I'm fortunate in that I can devote a lot of spare time to the hobby. I realise not many gamers have that luxury. Knowing the processes involved it makes me even more appreciative of anyone who makes the attempt.

  9. Thats a great build, I hope you continue with the interiors too. Like yourself I too have just started on this Zombie journey and will be building stuff and I hope its as good as yours. The guys who share this passion for the walking dead are a great bunch,(thanks esp. to Vampifan-Bryan)and we'll get all the help and encouragement we need.
    I really like your blog too, good read, hope you keep it up.

  10. Thank you for the kind words Zabadak.

    All the best with your project. Interiors are one of the most challenging aspects of a build, but come game-day they are well worth the effort. Good luck sir.