Dust Tactics: Captain America

Despite it's flaws and rather weak reception, I actually really rather enjoyed 2011's Captain America: The First Avenger.

Good ole' wholesome American boy takes on the Nazis before a deisel-punk backdrop... with weapons and technology straight out of Dust Tactics... what's not to like? As a plus, Alan Silvestri's soundtrack to Captain America: The First Avenger isn't half bad, so the score went straight onto my Weird World War 2 gaming playlist too.

I'd seen other gamers using Captain America in various games so after a quick seach on Ebay I secured a suitable Clix model for just a few pounds.

This wasn't a complete re-paint. I simply re-coloured where necessary and adjusted the lines to match a little more closely to the movie version of the costume.

The model was carefully cut off at the feet and re-based on a 30mm DS Profile Fenris Incursion resin base. I'm a big fan of these bases and I'd ideally like to re-base the rest of the the models in the 3D play-set to match.

I used Captain Rogers as a proxy for Bazooka Joe, a Heros already available in the game, so there's nothing 'broken' about using him in game and I think he's a rather fun proxy that for me fits perfectly into the Dust Tactics universe.

Incursion: 3D Play Set - Fenris Games and Scratch Built Cave in Markers

As a welcome respite from building the two Incursion game boards I've been throwing in a few objective markers and other counters to keep things interesting along the way.

I purchased a set of Fenris Games Incursion Objective Markers, see these previous posts for my Zombie Pinger and Doomsday Device. As they fit the theme perfectly.

I happily painted away and when I had finsihed I put the finished Cave-In marker straight onto the 3D game board only to immediately realise it simply didn't look right. The Fenris objective markers are designed to fit on the 40mm printed game board and as I up-scaled the board (so that I could get miniatures in and out easily) the Cave-In was simply too small to reflect an actual cave-in any more; whoops!

10 minutes are finishing this one I went to work on my own, slightly larger, version.

It's not as good as the Fenris games one and in retrospect I would have stuck the top n onto a larger base and simply filled in the gaps, but it does the job.

Music for Zombie Gaming - Part 9

Not all zombie music has to be serious.

Jonathon Coulton's 'Re: Your Brains' is pleasant little ditty that I'm rather fond of. Not necessarily the tune you want to hear in the scenario critical moment that one decision or dice roll means that your favourite character either saves the day or is doomed to walk the earth as a flesh-hungry ghoul, but great when you're playg a something quick, easy and fun.

This song became the unofficial anthem of ZombieLarp when they were running thier events regularly and was used in the 'Behind the Scenes' Player Room video we made back in 2010.

It's a fun song and quite a welcome respite from all the hardcore techno, metal, haunting strings and discordant piano melodies that the genre is so well known for.

Dust Tactics: 13 Foxtrot, Allied Special Ops Rangers Artillery Observers

To make use of the Artillery in Dust Tactics the Allied M2 Medium Combat Walker (Steel Rain Variant) Foxtrot 13, the Allies artillery observer team is a necessary addition to an allied army.

These two figures come in the Dust Tactics: Allied Rangers Observer Squad and Sniper Squad. As a separate squad to the Crack Shots Sniper Team the two figures are fielded as a single unit and can be used to fire artillery pieces that otherwise do not have direct line of sight to a target. A very useful addition to the Allied forces.

Once again working with a lighter palette I was able to keep the end result in the realms of what I was after; grubby just not too dark and they we pretty fun and quick to paint.