Happy Halloween

Sometimes you just get an idea in your head...

Jack O. Romero
...so we bought two pumkins this year.

Happy Halloween!

Where have you gotten to Zombie Ad?

I have been meaning to write this post for about a week now, no, make that about a month, erm.. actually how about more than two?

Outbreak City - Eastern Front 2011 (Figures courtesy of Colin)
In answer to a question posted by The Extraordinarii today:

"Where have you gotten to Zombie Ad?" The answer?... Life got in the way.

Life, you say, what have you been up to? In short, I...
  • Almost met my match with my new Outbreak City gaming table project
  • Ran a display/turned participation game with fellow blogger Colin, awesome stuff
  • Worked away from home for two months (for the interactive entertainment software industry's leading publisher). In one word, EPIC!
  • Battled the undead side by side with quite possibility the UK's leading expert and author on zombie survival - Sean T. Page from the Ministry of Zombies
  • Played some great new Euro games
  • Built a Dystopian Wars table commission
  • Finished (almost) a 40K Demon Army commission
  • Started a Malifaux Crew (Ressurectionists of course), just for me
  • Had my busiest month yet with Zombie Shop, it's a Halloween thing
  • and, to cap it all off - I started a collectable soldier and wargames figures company with my best friend JJD UK (We even sell 28mm Zombies of which I have my hands on some sets right now).

Like I said... life got in the way.

Life is at it's most exciting when you step up to the plate and say "I'll give that a go."

Blogging took a bit of a back-set so that I could spend what little time I had left with my family.

A very wise fellow blogger once said, try not to do too much otherwise you might face burnout. I'll pay a little more attention in future, thank you Bryan.

Without further ado my fellow zombie gamers... thank you for bearing with me, forthcoming posts include some of the stuff above and plenty of other bits and pieces I started but never quite got around to finishing.

Zombie Ad's back!