Pulling together less than half a dozen buildings wasn’t exactly going to provide a highly flexible gaming environment representing Outbreak City for my All Things Zombie games. I knew that to create something more than just the small town feel that I was going to have to get my hobby face on.
I continued with what I had, among others I added another WWG flat from Downtown Mayhem, this time adding a removable roof so that I could add an interior in the future and I also progressed on to more buildings from the Mircotactix range and even doubled up on one, changing the signs to represent a hairdressers (inspired by Dead Rising Case Zero).

Downtown Mayhem - with removable roof

Microtactix - Re-signed Deli

With inspiration from Vampifan’s interiors I decided to try my hand at removing the windows and replacing with the coloured plastic filing sleeves. Quite a challenge, especially with foam core. As per Vampifan’s comment on a previous post, this took considerably longer than just skinning a foam core box. I made a few simple changes to the build process, such as printing the edges of the foracore in dark grey, so that I could either leave it bare or it would mask mistakes more easily if I was skinning the tops of walls.
Mayhem Biege Brick - This will have the first interior
A little more on MircoTactix stuff - The Twilight Street Basic Urban Environment set is available for $20 and the Urban Buildings Expansion for $15, if card buildings are your chosen route and you are looking for some interesting variety and have access to an A3 printer, they are well worth taking a look. Following on from my previous post, if you don’t have access to an A3 printer, they also produce a Twilight Street Heroic Scale range. Further note to my last post, their free download of Horseman’s Deli is in Heroic Scale and therefore prints onto A4 with no need for scaling.
Their Strip Club and Pawn Shops were fun and the second was a larger building than some of the previous ones. However, I noticed that as the buildings got taller it was going to be more problematic to fit and play in interiors on the ground (1st in USA) floor.
Microtactix Voodoo Jake's - Opens at 11:00am
Microtactics Pawn Shop
In response to this problem I moved into a MicroTactix apartment and sliced the top floor off, building it as a separate unit so it would be easy to build and use the interior.
Microtactix Apartment

Microtactix - Apartment dismantled
My favourite Microtactix build so far is the Twilight Street Expansion Set Theatre, the largest footprint of my buildings so far, it was a fun build and the addition of the all zombie movie posters was an obvious cliché too good to miss. I am looking forward to the interior of this one.

Microtactix Theatre
Slowly and surely the set was coming together and there was now enough for me to play my first game of All Things Zombie in a few years, a quick brush up on the rules to get me back into the feel of things. There was however something missing. The streets seemed remarkably clean and uncluttered and I felt it was time for some street furniture and other urban terrain to give the place a more lived-in (or died-in) feel.
Things didn't look good for Shaun, cheesefeast aside.


  1. I think it looks just great!


  2. Excellent again, you are a dynamo my friend.

  3. It's all looking very good. That final photo showing your buildings grouped together is excellent. Keep up the good work - you're well on your way to having a great zombie city!

  4. Looks very good. Looking forward to a BatRep soon!

  5. The last picture is fantastic, but you need fog to complete this scene.

    Whiteface / Oliver

  6. Really like the strip club, so dodgey and wrong lol, terrain is looking good, keep it going.

  7. @ Whiteface, Thank you, I never imagined I would be able to bring this together so quickly. Dry ice perhaps? :)

    @ The Extraordinarii, it does have thoroughly seedy feel to it, perfect for some naked stripper zombies methinks. Thanks.

  8. That is just AMAZING! Great job, really!