Dust Tactics: Tank Traps

Similarly to the ammo crates, in most standard games each player gets to deploy one tank trap anywhere this is no other terrain feature.

In game terms; tank traps prevent a vehicle from entering a square and provide hard cover for infantry.

These are the plastic ones you get with the Dust Tactics: Revised Core Set.

Nothing complicated here, grey spray undercoat with a white spray dusting, gentle wash on the base and them a dry-brush before matt varnish.

You get a few more with some of the other scenario sets although there are very few scenarios in Dust Tactics when you actually need many more than two.

Dust Tactics: Sergeant Major William Springfield, aka 'Rhino'

One of the things I like about Dust Tactics is the Heroes and Squad leaders. Sergeant Major William Springfield, otherwise known as Rhino comes with the Dust Tactics: Revised Core Set and leads the allies forces. He typically hooks up with 'The Hammers', as shown in a previous post.

Painting Sergeant Rhino

The figure itself once again ended up being a bit darker than I really wanted, however I wasn't about to go back over the whole thing from scratch. I'd simply chalk it up to experience. Whilst I had adjusted my painting style, I'd not done so enough, but I had proved to myself that I'd found another way NOT to get the result I was after.

Incursion: 3D Play Set - Part 4 - Zombie Pinger

Slow and steady steady progress on the 3D board. I'll post some more pics soon. I got a little distracted and decided that some objectives were in order.

I also thought they'd work great for Dust Tactics, double win!

Fenris Games make a superb set of Incursion 3D Objective Markers, so they were a bit of a must.

The first one up is a 'Zombie Pinger'

Black undercoat, silver dry-brush with copper and grey highlights. The small decal is a leftover from a World War 2 Axis kubelwagon.

Dust Tactics: Ammo Crates Size Comparison

Following requests from Joe, aka Zabadak and Bob Kinnear on my previous post Dust Tactics: Ammo Crates, here's a size comparison with a few miniatures.

Crate beside a Dust Tactics Ranger
 The crates are 23mm x 23mm x 50mm. Dust Tactics is definitely 'Heroic' in scale. The figures are pretty chunky, especially the weapons.

Hasslefree Ken, Crate and Dust Tactics Ranger
You get one of each of the crates in the Dust Tactics: Revised Core Set and I have picked up most of the additional Dust Tactics: Operations (campaign and mission packs) some of which also come with additional crates.

A few creates from my Dust Tactics play set.
There are 3 types of basic crate available, Allied, Axis and SSU. I don't currently have any of the latter.

Dust Tactics Ranger and Crate stack.

Project Zeke Miniatures: Zombie Survivors and Swat Team

Project Zeke Miniatures are a brand new miniatures company set up by Simon Hunter. Simon is a passionate Zombie Gaming fan with a dream to sculpt and produce his own 28mm zombie war gaming skirmish miniatures.

Kudos to Simon because: he is not a professional sculptor, he doesn't have the backing of a big company and he has avoided the crowd-funding route. He has done what he wanted by hard graft and focused on doing exactly what he set out to do. Simon has taken an idea all the way from concept to execution and that in itself is a head shot in our book.

Simon was kind enough to send us some free samples of his new miniatures hot off the press. Thank you Simon.

First up is William, a survivor armed with a hunting rifle with a knife taped to the barrel. He is clearly an outdoors type with cargo pants and shoulder length hair and a beard. He's also got some impromptu anti-bite armour (magazines and duct tape) which is a nice touch.

Second up comes a Private Security Squad, three miniatures in CQB getup which we think could find a lot of use anyone's All Things Zombie: Final Fade Out games.

Simon has also released a Limited Edition miniature 'Young Eddie' a biker armed with a street sweeper shotgun. Eddie ain't gonna take no $h*£!

These first few Project Zeke Miniatures look pretty nice to me with pretty crisp lines and minimal flash. They come on flat bases, which is not big deal although I'd honestly have liked to have seen them on slotta-type bases. I'm so used to re-basing now that it's not an issue.

A pretty neat feature of the Project Zeke Miniatures is that every survivor comes with a free random item of luggage, a holdall, military kit-bag, hiker's rucksack or teddy bear. We think that's a pretty darn cool idea and it'll be nice to see what everyone does with them.

Pick up these three brand new sets at Project Zeke Miniatures Web Store and to celebrate the launch Simon is offering a 10% discount to all customers up until the end of march, just use code launch10 on checkout.

Go check out Simon's Project Zeke Miniatures Blog and keep up to date with new releases and teasers at the Project Zeke Miniatures facebook page.

We'll be painting ours up right away, so watch this space for an update and scale comparisons.