Scale and Bases and Who's Who is Zed-land

Having decided to create my own little zombie apocalypse in miniature there were a few questions I needed to answer early on. Scale was the easiest decision, a short delve into a dozen boxes of unfinished projects revealed a pack of undercoated Copplestone Plague Zombies (purchased back when they were first released),  a Games Workshop Zombie horde and a few individual other miniatures I suspect might be Ral Partha, but I honestly have no idea. 28mm is my typical scale of choice and the majority of terrain resources for modern gaming seem to be in or around that scale, it seemed the simplest way forward.
Copplestone Y-Z
Basing was a little more complicated. Most of my miniatures are based to an earth brown, dry-brushed with flesh tone/light cream then flocked. This helps them fit onto either of the two gaming boards I generally play on; grassland and desert. Whilst the zombie apocalypse might happen anywhere, we all know that the big city is where it is really at.

Copplestone Plague Zombie
I decided on a standard 25mm round slotta-base, regardless of how the miniature came and a few painting sessions later the first batch of zombies was complete. I settled on a grey to light grey/white dry-brushing on a base of umber. The first batch turned out ok, but I wanted something a little more special for the survivors and it was clear that not only did the bases look a little too ‘rubbley’ the Copplestone miniatures also stood out and choosing manufacturers to add to the set whilst keeping some consistency with so many decent offerings was going to require some thought.
The first finished zombies


  1. Looking good (again!) Zombie Ad! I was going to try and convert you to the wonders of Tamiya Clear Red, but looking at the Copplestone zed I think you've already found it! How did you do the skin colour btw? it's a good effect

  2. not doing very well this morning am I? forgot something again! Studio Miniatures do the best zombies I've found to date and I would heartily recommend them when/if you feel the need to expand your horde

  3. Thank you cmnash. The red is actually a very old (I'd say 1990s) GW Blood Red over a Miniature Paints Plum Red and the flesh is a similarly old GW Elf Flesh with a Devlan Mud wash. Some of the other zeds have some different flesh tones and washes to mix them up a little.

    Thanks. I am currently deflashing a Studio Miniatures Horde no. 1 :)