Incursion: 3D Play Set - Part 4

Having decided that I was going to use cork for the floor tiles of my Incursion game boards and started work on them, I soon realised that covering the whole board in the same sized cork tiles might leave it looking a little 'samey'.

The Cork floor tiles look great, especially for these detail parts, but over the whole beard, became a bit dull.
The floors depicted on the printed game boards change from area to area and. I decided that following the board more closely and changing the floor coverings would give the game board much more visual appeal. It seemed a bit of a shame to go back over some of the tiles I'd already done, but once I had the idea in my head I just went with it. Incursion's two game boards are different so I retained plenty of cork floor tiles on board number 1, number board 2 got a slightly different treatment.

Lots of cutting out card tiles and lots of PVA. The little bit of curving in the card soon settled.
This certainly wasn't a quick process but it was quite enjoyable all the same. It also allowed me to work in some 'transitions' between different areas on the board, more noticeable on board number 1,  and to delineate some of the rooms.

Incursion Game Board 2, floor almost finished.

Incursion: 3D Playset - Fenris Generator Control Panel Objective Markers

My Incursion 3D Play Set project is slowly smoldering away in the background and seeing as many of the components can be used for Dust Tactics too it seemed quite reasonable to me (that's my excuse anyway) to get some more of those elements done too.
Fenris Incursion Generator Control Panel Objective Markers
These Generator Control Panels are used for Scenario 6  from the Incursion rule book 'AC/DC' in which the Allies are engaged in an all-out drive for the Axis Command Centre and the Doosday Device.

The objective markers are available from Fenris Games who obtained permission to sculpt and market them as an 'official' Incursion product. They cost just £6.50 for all 5.

They were a simple grey spray undercoat, base coat of olive drab and citadel wash. The dials were hand painted with a black wash base and a simple two colour highlight before adding the black dial.

Fenris Incursion Generator Control Panel.
They make nifty objective markers for Icursion and fit perfectly with the aesthetic of the  Dust Tactics universe, so they'll see plenty of use.

Dust Tactics: Oberleutenant Manfred Kruezer - Wehrmacht

Heroes are pretty useful additions to any standard squad in Dust Tactics and Oberleutenant Manfred Kruezer is the second character figure that comes with the Dust Tactics: Operation Cyclone Campaign Expansion.

Manfred is a campaign veteran equipped with an StG 47 Machine Gun, Knife and a Panzerfaust. He has the 'Assault' special ability which means one per game he can double his movement value (and the movement value of any squad he joins) for one turn.

Oberleutnant Manfred Kreuzer - Wehrmacht.
I tried some simple camouflage (as per his standard look) and am pretty pleased with the outcome. The decal on his pauldron is not part of his standard look, but I felt it helped him stand out from any other miniatures in a squad he joins.

Dust Tactics: Master Sergeant Rosie Donovan - ASCOM

The Dust Tactics universe has quite a few strong female characters. And by strong female characters I mean ladies with lovely figures who wear tight fitting clothing, tote heavy weaponry as if it were the latest fashion and kick ass.

Master Sergeant Rosie Donvoan comes with the Dust Tactics: Operation Cyclone Campaign Expansion. Her Bazooka adds anti-armour firepower to any Allied squad she joins and her 'Tank Head' ability allows her to repair damaged vehicles in the field.

Master Sergeant Rosie Donovan - ASCOM
Rosie was a fun miniature to paint, simple, quick and definitely stands out from the olive clad units she typically joins.