Geek-Chic Zombie Couture

A broken camera forced me to re-think this entry. Hmmmm? Colin's comment on my first post reminded me to revisit the idea of what to wear to make your zombie gaming experience all the richer, so here goes.

With the popularity of zombies in entertainment growing faster than a re-make runner the opportunituies to show your Zombiephile status on your chest are growing rather favourably. There have always been the more obvious movie tie-in Tees, but here is a small selection that are more chic than geek. So, what are you waiting for? Get yer zomb on!

Andy's Gun Works from Nerdoh
Rule #2 - Absolute T-Shirts
Zombrex - Gamerprint
Nuka Cola - Gamerprint
Survival Kit - Teenormous
4 Player - Teenormous

Crossroads Mall - Teenormous

Girls Med Kit - Think Geek

Dead on You - Dusty Shirt
Zombie Hunter - Zazzle
Chainsaw - All Zombie Shirts
Shotgun - All Zombie Shirts
RE Shotguns - Stylin Online
RE Biohazard - Stylin Online
RE Umbrella Corp - Stylin Online
Go Frank! - Nift Shirts
Go check out these other awesome must-have Zombie T-Shirts.


  1. This isnt about the shirts though I have a ZS (Zombie Squad) shirt to wear, just a warning about the book your reading, there's a second book to it out, and a third that is in draft form (unfinished). Unfortunately the third book probably wont be coming out due to Zach, the author, passing on, I believe he passed towards the end of 2009. Which was a shame, he was a real nice guy, I knew him from one of the forums both of use belonged to. There was some talk that one of his good friends might possibly finish the third book and have it released for his fans.

  2. Thank for the heads-up Doug, much appreciated. I wasn't aware. Sorry to hear it. :(

  3. Very good Adam! I'm going to run a zombie participation game in June, so I'll need to get one of these for that! I had to check the comment you were referring to though and saw you had put a pic of the statue on the first post - thx!

  4. You're welcome Colin. Is the participation game for your gaming group or is it a show game?