Music for Zombie Gaming - Part 4

Zombies were human once... they just went and got a little bit bitten by another zombie.

For the most part my zombie gaming playlist is pretty serious, full of dark, brooding soundtracks and ambient incidental music. If I was playing a 'serious' tabletop rpg, I'd keep this out of the list, otherwise, it's all good.

So without further ado, we present 'In the heart of every zombie is a man', by Chris Pickenpaugh.

Yet more All Things Zombie survivors

When you see a bargain it is best not to miss out. So when I stopped by a barrow-load of 28mm random modern miniatures a while back I picked out a good few of them.

Here's three more.

Incidentally, I was also getting geared up for the Judge Dredd Miniatures Kickstarter at the time, so whilst the first figure will get used as an All Things Zombie survivor the second two are very much Mega-City One inspired.

Bryan's recent post on the Judge Dredd Miniatures Rule Book reminded me about these. Seems like I'm not the only one who has been inspired to play a little MC-1 action.

Female Survivor: Colour Palette is definitely Mega City One inspired.
Young Punk or Juve. I think he's gonna be attracting a few zombies!
Don't think she'll last long in the Zombie Apocalypse... but she'll look great on the streets of the Big Meg!
Once again, I really have no idea which manufacturer these are from, I just thought they looked cool, and at £1 each, it was difficult to say no!

The figures were already based, too rounded for my tastes but... £1... they'll do.

Let me know if you know who made them!

Incursion: 3D Playset - Part 1

Not much to report on this recently, as I'd mostly been doing stuff related to the 7th Annual Festival of Zombie Culture.

Incursion 3D Play-set

However, here's an update on the Incursion 3D play-set.

I decided to go for a battened board on MDF, the same as nearly all my other gaming tables, because it is a technique I am familiar with an it should suit the scale and format.

Board 1 - Stage 1
This is simply the first board marked out on battened MDF. Early days, but it's a start.

Incursion - I smell a 3D Playset

Nazi Zombies, US Deisel powered Combat Suits, scantily clad sub-machinegun wielding frauleins and the gritty British MI-13 comandos duke it out deep in the bowels of Gibraltar in an Epic Weird World War 2 struggle to destroy or deploy the dreaded Doomsday device - What's not to like?

Ein, Zwei, Die and all that!

At Salute 2011 (that's right... 2011... two years ago!!!) I picked up the Axis and Allied starter sets and a few extra figures (a zombie horde) to get the juices flowing. The trial games with cardboard counters were fun, challenging and, just as Mr Jim Bailey intended methinks - gagging for a 3D play-set and lots opf pretty models.

Inspired by Herrodadog's awesome 3D Incursion boards (you rock sir, you paved the way) and alongside every other ludicrously ambitious project I had underway, I set out to build my own 3D playset.

Whoopsy. I just couldn't help myself.

Targets were set, deadlines missed and the whole project almost abandoned for quite some time as I lived away from home working a full time job, maintained two businesses and got involved in all sorts of other nerdish fun along the way. was the basic plan.

Two 24' by 30' self-contained fully modelled 3D terrain boards
40+ miniatures
9 objective markers
Resin counters
9 Doors

Easy, right...? Not exactly... but fun.