For A Nickel, For a Dime

In the dark, twisted fairytale of Outbreak City the streets are full of stuff, you know, bits, things, junk…stuff: telephone boxes, vending machines, fire hydrants, park benches, road signs, lamp posts, crash barriers, trash cans, dumpsters and the boxes, bags of trash, pallets and grimy, slimy detritus that fills the rat-infested alleyways and gets sent sprawling across the street in car chases.
Outbreak Alleyway
Having started to build Outbreak City for my All Things Zombie games in the card modelling style I was keen to keep that theme going. What seemed initially daunting wasn’t so much of a problem once I started researching on the intertubes. Here is just a small selection of the many items available; more stuff than could realistically be put onto one table, unless it was a really big one.

The Microtactix range has a number of dumpsters, drinks and newspaper vending machines, air conditioning units and similar items, these come as extras with some of their buildings.
Zombie Apocalypse = Free Vend.
Worldworks Games seem to produce the largest volume of items in their Bits of Mayhem set and whilst I don’t have this yet, it is firmly on the ‘NEED’ list.

Following Bryan and Doug's advice I giddily await the Ebbles back catalogue DVD, more on that once it arrives, but I did find these ‘Harmless Containers’ for free download via their forum, here. I suffered considerable ribbing, from a friend who works with shipping companies, in relation to this photo. Note to self: stack them neatly on top of each other in future.
'Harmless' they said!
TommyGun does what with Paper? Over at WarSeer or the Ebbles Forums TommyGun has made available some fantastic items, from packing boxes to arcade machines and office workstations.
Loot, swag and first aid supplies.
No change? Try hollowpoint.
He also has a full gallery of downloadable printable items available here.

The ‘branded’ goods items are superb and it is all free. He even provides a scale guide to help you can adjust your printer. It is not just ‘bits’ he has created either. He has created an entire shanty town, perfect for a little backwoods sawmill type action, and an amazing range of modern buildings including his take on Andy’s Gun Works from the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead. Awesome! Thank you TommyGun, thank you very much.
Andy's Gun Works - WIP.


  1. Those paper buildings are both cool and practical when pressed for time.


  2. That's excellent stuff, really bloody good, it shows you have patience unlike me.

  3. All good stuff, Adam. It's the little details like these that makes your gaming board come alive. Keep up the good work!

  4. Just got hold of the Ebbles archive cd! Great stuff! And this is looking truly inspiring mate!

  5. Thanks All

    Christopher - TommyGun's stuff is really rather good indeed, especially for free.

    TAL - More like impatience - I just wanna get it all done :)

    Bryan - Thank you sir. For me the, struggle is trying to maintain the look across wider table area without cluttering it, but I'm sure if I persist it'll take shape and I'll get the right balance.

    Lord Siwoc - Good to hear. I've certainly heard loads of great reports. Hope it helps get the creative juices flowing for your own Zombie project.

  6. Your putting out some nice work, very inspiring, really like the first pic of the lane way with all the junk and boxes, its lookin spot on.

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  8. I've found the real world Andy's Gun Shop!