Dust Tactics: Panzer Aufklarerlaufer I-C 'Hans'

The Axis response to the Allied Light Assault Walker M1-B Blackhawk comes in the form of a similarly sized light assault scout vehicle.

The Panzer Auflarerlaufer I-C otherwise known as 'Hans' is the Axis light walker you get the with the Dust Tactics: Core Revised Set.

As a scout vehicle it get an additional move if it enters the game in the first turn. Armed with a Panzerfaust Werfer and Granate Werfer it can be deadly against both infantry and even the toughest of armoured targets.

Once again I used the hairspray technique to achieve the worn whitewash look and then weathered the rest of the model as normal. Overall I am pleased with the outcome.

Dust Tactics: Light Assault Walker M1-B Blackhawk

One of the cooler aspects of Dust Tactics is the walkers. You get two walkers in the Dust Tactics:Core Revised Set and this is the Allied version.

The Blackhawk is one of the 'Light' class walkers, it is a fast but lightly armoured walker armed with Dual Heavy PIATs that pack a punch even against the heaviest of vehicles.

I used the 'hairspray' technique on this model. First time I have ever used it. It you are not familiar with it, the process is simple. You treat the model with the basic colour and shading variation you want on the finished model and then give the entire model a coat of hairspray. You then airbrush your top colour, in this instance, white (Dust Tactics is, and when it is dry you use a rough brush or toothpick and some warm water to gently remove some of the upper coat, thus simulating a worn and weathered look. I touched up a few 'edges' of some of the weathering with the original white to give a chipped paint feel and then weathered the model as normal.

I was very pleased with how this turned out, it has certainly ended up much more on the lighter end of the scale, so far closer to the look I was after.

Incursion: 3D Play Set - Part 5 - Doomsday Device

Another one of Fenris' Incursion Objective Markers.

This one: The Axis Doomsday Device!

I've done this for my Incursion Playset but once again, it'll be great for a objective marker in Dust Tactics or any other Weird War II game as well.

It certainly makes me feel like we're doomed. Simple black undercoat, silver dry-brushing, copper detail, wash and some decals. The logo on the right hand side of the model is a simply printed onto paper and glued onto the model after it was matt varnished.

I'd also like a give a quick shout out to fellow blogger Simon Hunter of Project Zeke Miniatures who is undertaking a 24 Hour All Things Zombie: Final Fade Out marathon for charity with fellow gamer James Brown of Hive City Terrain.

The 24 Hours of ATZ is being held in a suitably apocalyptic location and takes place on the 5th-6th July 2014 and is all in support of The Sick Kids Friends Foundation.

Want to show your support? Check out the Safe House facebook page and get in touch or donate over at the Safe House JustGiving Page.

24 Hours of ATZ? That'll be at least 12 Batreps then? :) Good luck Simon!

Music for Zombie Gaming - Part 8

No Zombie Gaming playlist would be complete without the Resident Evil Soundtracks.

The score form the first Resident Evil movie features an awesome blend of orchestral work and industrial techno and Metal, a theme that continues through all of the Resident Evil movies.

However you feel about the transfer of Alice from video game to the big screen, the film's soundtracks stand alone as an epic background to any Zombie Gaming night.