Zombtober 2014 - Week 2

Fashionably late, or just too darn stubborn to change the date of my posting? Regardless of which category this post falls into here's my Week 2 update for Zombtober.

Just the base-colours on the two re-based Zombicide models at this stage and one or two colours on the other two (not pictured).

Base colours on two re-based Zombicide Walkers
It's been great to get back to some simple individual miniatures and photographing them against the terrain I made is reminding me how much fun I had just pulling the whole project together.

Working on these and seeing everyone's efforts is inspiring me to return to Outbreak City and get a few more games of my All Things Zombie: Final Fade Out campaign played.

Zombtober 2014 - Week 1

Okay, so apparently I missed one of the rules of Zombtober...

You know, that rule about posting updates on a Sunday? Yeah, I missed that part, so I claim ignorane, which is bliss in this instance as I've simply been working away oblivious and enjoying every minute of it, and anyway, rules are there to be broken right?

So far I've re-based both of the Zombicide miniatures on 25mm round bases and added some milliput detailing and everything is now undercoated and ready to paint (George was already undercoated and painting had already begun).

It'll be nice to get back to painting on a white undercoat. I switched to white when I started painting my Studio Miniatures zombies for my All Things Zombies games, it was clear the miniatures on thier website were not painted on a black base-coat. However, recently, due to the darker base colours I've used with the majority of my Dust Tactics miniatures, I've steered clear of white in many instances and to be honest, I've missed it.

Time to get some paint on these guys!

Zombtober 2014 - 1 The Beginning

I missed out on Zombtober last year as I was busy with work, however I really enjoyed reading everyone's posts and the cameraderie was cool, so this year: no excuses, count me in!

All Things Zombie was the reason I started this blog, mostly due to Matt telling me it'd be a great way to keep things moving on the Outbreak City project I'd started, so it's fitting to get back to painting some Zeds to add to the horde and one new survivor.

To keep things simple, rather than trying anything too ambitious, I'm going to paint just four miniatures, one per week, as a welcome break from all the Dust Tactics figures and terrain I've been enjoying, all to add to my Outbreak City play-set.

I started work on two of them and never got around to finishing them. The figures I'll be working with are:

1. Zombicide Walker - Male
2. Zombicide Walker - Female
3. Project Zeke Miniatures - 'William' Survivor
4. Studio Miniatures - Free Exclusive 'Not Zombie George A. Romero' which comes free with Zombie Horde 001

Zombicide walkers, Project Zeke William and Studio Miniatures 'Not' Zombie George

Both of the Zombicide miniatures will be re-based on 25m round bases and they'll all have milliput sculpted on top for a custom 'street' look.

I'm looking forward to the challenge and to seeing everyone else's updates too.