Dust Tactics: Medium Combat Walker M2 - Steel Rain and Hot Dog Variants

As a following on from my previous post, here's two of the other Dust Tactics Allied Medium Combat Walker variants.

Dust Tactics Steel Rain M2-F Artillery Support Walker

You get one chassis and two turrets. The Steel Rain M2-F variant is the second turret and the other three share the same base, just using a different main gun.

Dust Tactics Hot Dog M2-B with Napalm Thrower

The Hot Dog M2-B uses the same turret as the Pounder M2-C (17 pounder swapped for flame-thrower) as does the third Mickey M2-A just without the long barrel gun, so hardly worth a picture.

The two turrets had the same paint treatment and I painted them alongside each other to make sure there wasn't any significant colour difference.


  1. Lovely job Adam.
    Really like the weathering dude.
    Any more to come?

    1. Thank you Bob, I've enjoyed it and the break from paiting people was most welcome. Quite a bit more to come actually, troops, heroes, vehicles, terrain :)