Dust Tactics: Panzer Aufklarerlaufer I-C 'Hans'

The Axis response to the Allied Light Assault Walker M1-B Blackhawk comes in the form of a similarly sized light assault scout vehicle.

The Panzer Auflarerlaufer I-C otherwise known as 'Hans' is the Axis light walker you get the with the Dust Tactics: Core Revised Set.

As a scout vehicle it get an additional move if it enters the game in the first turn. Armed with a Panzerfaust Werfer and Granate Werfer it can be deadly against both infantry and even the toughest of armoured targets.

Once again I used the hairspray technique to achieve the worn whitewash look and then weathered the rest of the model as normal. Overall I am pleased with the outcome.


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    1. Thank you Michael. It wasn't as difficult to pull off as I think it might be. I'm sure I'll make some mistakes but I like the technique