Dust Tactics: Axis Heavy Flak Grenadiers - Scwer Sturmgrenadiere Ausf. C

The discovery of VK has lead not only to the development of walkers but to the creation of powered armour allowing infantry to carry even heavier weapons into the field.

The Axis Heavy Flak Grenadiers are equipped with hand-held Fliegerfausts, potent burst weapons that can punch through the armour of light vehicles. They can be devastating but the weapons do need to be reloaded. The power armour does mean that despite being a small squad, they are quite resilient to damage

This squad of anti-tank infantry come with the Dust Tactics: Revised Core Set. I used a light dusting of grey primer on top of the mid-grey primer that the models came with and then used diluted washes over some individual base-coats with a little additional line highlighting. A little darker than my ideal but to be honest I am still pretty pleased with them overall.