Incursion: 3D Play Set - Part 5 - Doomsday Device

Another one of Fenris' Incursion Objective Markers.

This one: The Axis Doomsday Device!

I've done this for my Incursion Playset but once again, it'll be great for a objective marker in Dust Tactics or any other Weird War II game as well.

It certainly makes me feel like we're doomed. Simple black undercoat, silver dry-brushing, copper detail, wash and some decals. The logo on the right hand side of the model is a simply printed onto paper and glued onto the model after it was matt varnished.

I'd also like a give a quick shout out to fellow blogger Simon Hunter of Project Zeke Miniatures who is undertaking a 24 Hour All Things Zombie: Final Fade Out marathon for charity with fellow gamer James Brown of Hive City Terrain.

The 24 Hours of ATZ is being held in a suitably apocalyptic location and takes place on the 5th-6th July 2014 and is all in support of The Sick Kids Friends Foundation.

Want to show your support? Check out the Safe House facebook page and get in touch or donate over at the Safe House JustGiving Page.

24 Hours of ATZ? That'll be at least 12 Batreps then? :) Good luck Simon!


  1. Very nice Doomsday Device. How soon can we expect a full board/setup shot?

    Is it right that you are going to be at Scardiff?

    1. Thank you Bob, All in good time Bob, it's progressing surely but slowly so I'l see if I can add a few more WIP shots soon.

      Yes and we've been speaking to the organisers and fingers crossed we'll have a zombie gaming room, so if you'd like to get involved, you'd be more than welcome! Just let me know Bob!

  2. Interesting marker, if a little weird.

    1. Definitely weird sir, definitely!