Yet more All Things Zombie survivors

When you see a bargain it is best not to miss out. So when I stopped by a barrow-load of 28mm random modern miniatures a while back I picked out a good few of them.

Here's three more.

Incidentally, I was also getting geared up for the Judge Dredd Miniatures Kickstarter at the time, so whilst the first figure will get used as an All Things Zombie survivor the second two are very much Mega-City One inspired.

Bryan's recent post on the Judge Dredd Miniatures Rule Book reminded me about these. Seems like I'm not the only one who has been inspired to play a little MC-1 action.

Female Survivor: Colour Palette is definitely Mega City One inspired.
Young Punk or Juve. I think he's gonna be attracting a few zombies!
Don't think she'll last long in the Zombie Apocalypse... but she'll look great on the streets of the Big Meg!
Once again, I really have no idea which manufacturer these are from, I just thought they looked cool, and at £1 each, it was difficult to say no!

The figures were already based, too rounded for my tastes but... £1... they'll do.

Let me know if you know who made them!


  1. Bargains then the first one is by Copplestone Castings part of the Future Wars News Crew.

    No idea on number 2 and Number 3 is from Bobby Jackson's Thugz range.

  2. Great bargains at a £1 each, considering what their actual bare lead cost is.

  3. Simon is right about figures 1 and 3. Figure 2 is a very old OOP RAFM figure. I have all three of them.

  4. Thanks for letting me know where they came form guys, good that somoene knows, I just have no idea. Cheers

  5. Replies
    1. Indeed John, I took advantage fothe offering and picked up a few