Incursion: 3D Playset - Part 1

Not much to report on this recently, as I'd mostly been doing stuff related to the 7th Annual Festival of Zombie Culture.

Incursion 3D Play-set

However, here's an update on the Incursion 3D play-set.

I decided to go for a battened board on MDF, the same as nearly all my other gaming tables, because it is a technique I am familiar with an it should suit the scale and format.

Board 1 - Stage 1
This is simply the first board marked out on battened MDF. Early days, but it's a start.


  1. Coming along nicely, by the look of the board so far.

    1. Thank you sir, it'll be slow by steay

  2. Nice start.
    I did a board based on the Incursion tiles a little back but did several tiles so I can arrangeme them just how I want to.