Flu-like symptoms and new additions

A week away on business and a bout of flu that left friends and family members ‘in the know’ wondering if they should simply put a bullet in my brain before I started chewing on them were not events that meant a whole lot of hobby done of late.
Microtactix supermarket
Before those two occurrences another building for my All Things Zombie Outbreak City did get completed. The Microtactix supermarket. It was a tricky build due to the inset entrance. It wouldn’t have been a problem if I had worked in card but my decision to use foamcore bit back. The building is very flavoursome and will likely be an obvious survivor destination.
I have another supermarket, this time from TommyGun, underway and look forward to filling them both with plenty of groceries and loot.
I did add a few additional roof access stairs and air conditioning units, to add a little more flavour and some cover for roof-top battles.

Air Con Unit

Before I went away or succumbed to being patient zero I ordered a plethora of new toys to keep the postman busy and give me something to look forward to.
The Ebbles Archive DVD finally arrived. Whoot! Unfortunately a trip to the post-office and an additional payment to Mr Revenue and Customs was required to collect the treasure trove of card-modelling goodness. Thankfully there is so much in the DVD that by the time I got it home and started browsing the charge seemed irrelevant. So many of the models work superbly for zombie gaming; underground bases a la that Umbrella Corporation, check, military vehicles, check, barracks, check, stock room supplies, check, bathroom sink (and showers) check. Whilst there is a gritty sci-fi theme running through the work there are tons of great models screaming out to be built.
Ebbles FUS, pre-build print outs
The first model to be made was a simple workshop bench, to add to the generator workshop, following Doug and Bryan’s, advice a medium FUS is printed and ready to go.

What I wouldn't do for two chainsaws and a canoe paddle
Studio Miniatures Zombie Horde #1 have had a little love, just a few pieces have been de-flashed and are ready for basing. They should be hitting the painting table soon.
Studio Miniatures - Awesome
Studio Miniatures Zombies
I needed a few more survivors and having trawled the Ebbles DVD I’m tempted to give Gun Crawl a go, with a zombie make-over. To that end I purchased the Hasslefree Hazmat Squad, with a few extra 25mm bases to replace the studio miniatures ones. I don’t have a problem with the studio miniatures bases (they are actually rather good) it is simply that a wider base makes it harder to fit miniatures into a small building and by the time you’ve filled a small room with set-dressing, a few mm can make all the difference.
Who you gonna call? Zombusters
All I need to do now is actually focus on any one of these mini projects and perhaps I’ll actually finish something.

All hail paracetamol!


  1. Man flu is a killer my friend, you are talented my friend also, lovely building skills and looking forward to the upcoming painted stuff.

  2. I've been down with a cold and a nasty cough. I thought I could get by with paracetamol but in the end I had to go to the doctors, where I was told I had a chest infection and was proscribed a course of antibiotics. They did me the power of good and I'm almost back to normal now. I sympathise with your plight, Adam. It's no fun getting the flu.

    Anyway, moving on, I like your building work. Your scenery is coming on in leaps and bounds.

    As for the Studio zeds, you'll have great fun in painting them. I'm no fan of the 30mm diameter lipped slottabases. Most of my figures are stuck on normal 25mm diameter, straight sided slottabases and some on 20mm diameter slottabases. Fitting figures into a building that has interior detail is an important consideration.

    The Hasslefree Hazmat Troopers are a delight as well. It's not so long since I painted mine, so look out for a review of them on my blog soon.

    Keep up the good work, Adam. I love what you're doing, my friend!

  3. Awww Shucks thanks for the nod about the Ebbles FUS, your making me blush, LOL

    So far everything looks good., Builds look nice and clean. Glad to hear you got the Ebbles DVD it has great things, even if you were charges an addition $30 in Customs fees its still a great deal. I made sure to burn a couple copies of mine for back-up and have put my master copy up in my gun safe where it won't get lost or destroyed. One Back-up Copy also got put up in another smaller safe so it wont get lost or destroyed, while the other Back-Up copy is the one I use, though I have also copied the DVD onto my iPod for an additional back-up location. Yeah I am a little anal about backing up data, but then again it is a habit I have from photography, I back up all my photos to at least three different places, typically the Computers primary hard drive and a secondary hard drive in the computer or a removable hard drive, and then on a DVD.

    As Bryan said Keep up the good work.

  4. Really nice buildings! Hope you get well soon.


  5. This is all very nice bro, I think you hit the nail on the head, small projects within the bigger one, focus, and things will begin to come together, Studio Miniature zombies are pretty cool.

  6. Looks great!
    Got ya hooked up to my blog so I can keep an eye on your progress and make sure you don't slack up :)

  7. Thanks for all the postive feedback guys.

    TAL - Thanks, I think the real talents are the people putting these sets out there for us to build. I've been tempted to have a go mayself, but I'm not sure how much I can add that others haven't already done.

    Vampifan - My ailment has lasted longer than is should have (It is just starting to go now), if I had known it was goignt o last so long I'd have visited the Doctor. I think anti-biotics would have helped considerably. Hindsight eh!

    Doug - It's the truth. I got it cos of you guys and I'm pleased you gave me such sound advice.

    Christopher - thanks, I'm almost there now.

    The Extraorinarii - I am definitely going to focus on one thing at a time. I'm planning to take some of your tips to round out the Studio Zombies to a higher quality finish than my 1st GW ones. I have a club game set up for Mid March, so I've got a target to finish a few of the things I have started for that game and a home game to be booked soon after, so some nice goals to focus the project.

    LTL Dad - Cheers sir, very much appreciated. I'm doing my best to keep it rolling.

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