Dust Tactics: Red Devils, 3rd Para Brigade

The Red Devils are a heavy infantry choice for the Allies in Dust Tactics.

"Axis soldiers had pinned down Captain Joseph Brown where they had bunkered in a Scapa Flow alley. As he and his men watched bullets trace the air over their heads, the thundering footsteps of a combat walker began to approach. Before he even saw the walker, he heard its massive cannon blast, and a nearby wall exploded, sending rubble flying. "Where are those reinforcements?" the Captain shouted. He didn't hear his sergeant's response, but saw, instead, the sun glinting off three heavily armored paratroopers."

I enjoyed the contrast of the olive power armour and the red berets on these models and the 60W phaser armament is great for use against other ground troops, including enemy walkers.

Once again, a little darker than desired (when will I learn?) but overall I'm pleased with them and they still 'pop' enough to make them stand out on the tabletop.