Dust Tactics: Action Jackson

There's quite a lot of good ole' American home-grown action heroes in Dust Tactics. Cigar smokin' Phaser totin' Action Jackson is one such hero. He clearly eats danger for breakfast and is well suited to lead the Red Devils into combat.

Dust Tactics: Action Jackson
I picked up Action Jackson as part of the Dust Tactics Allied Hero Pack, in which he comes with Johnny One Eye and The Priest.

I enjoyed painitng this model, it's quite a dynamic pose and the twin Phasers are definitely on the cool side. I'm just not quite sure how easy it might be to smoke a cigar with your hands secured in those giant phasers. Perhaps he lights them with the phasers? Still, style over substance eh!?

To get a lighter finish I'm going to have to experient with a variety of olive colours to find a base colour that works best. A nice excuse to pick up some new colours to play with.