28mm Umbrella Corporation SUVs

Back long ago in the summer of 2011, Matt over at Too Much Unpainted Lead dropped me an email to say. "I saw what looked like a 28mm scale Hummer in Poundland the other day, they'd need a re-paint but they looked pretty good in your All Things Zombie games. Do you want me to pick you one up?"

Umbrella Corporation - Our Business is Life Itself.

"Three please." I replied and he duly emailed to report he'd purchased them up and he'd bring them over next time we got together.

Military Affairs? The General's Daughter in 28mm?

Weeks, then months, went by when every time we met I was greeted with "Damn.", then "Shit!", then "Bugger!" and finally "Bloody-fecking-arse-monkeys!" or something to that effect.

Just before New Year we played a French Indian War skirmish in 54mm and at last, Father Mattmass delivered three shiny new Hummers.

When you buy it and paint it right away it doesn't count. So I cracked right on with them right away.

From the outset I had the idea of 'company' vehicles, something to go with my Hazmat Squad and to fit with some planned military types. So a subtle but blatant use of the Umbrella Corporation logo seemed appropriate.

I unscrewed the chassis, took out the windows and seats, and simply re-painted with matt acrylic spray-paint, using plastic primer on the interior piece. I wasn't expecting any wear on the interior, but you never know about the paint sticking to that kind of plastic.

I gave the body of the Hummers a coat of satin varnish and printed re-scaled liveries and fixed them to the doors with Pritt Stick.

I am really pleased with how they turned out, especially considering the price and ease of conversion, as they took less than 2 hours over two evenings to complete.

Umbrella Corporation Cavalry?

Thank you Matt.


  1. They are really sweet. Nice job on them

    Love toy shop bargains for survivor games - I never seem to get lucky! Maybe I don't spend enough time in Poundland and Wilko...

  2. Umbrella corp! Brilliant mate!!!!!

  3. Poundland, my favourite place for vehicles !

    They do look the part

  4. Those are great. Perfectly scaled and great paintjobs.

  5. What a great find. Your new paint jobs really are the business! You've got to love the Umbrella Corporation.

  6. I repaint all of my cars, even if its just a matte coat to take away some of the shine. It seems to make them "fit" better in scale. Those look great!

  7. Oh, I like them! Just started to watch Resident Evil again last saturday and I have to agree with Bryan, you just have to love the Umbrella Corp.

    Whiteface / Oliver

  8. Nicely done Ad. Are you going to be using them in a game at Eastern Front this year? if so, mind a ringer coming along again?

    1. Cheers Colin, not sure yet if I will be be running a Zombie Game at Eastern Front this year. I have an Incursion and a Gears of War Project, both big 3D playsets, under way at the moment so either of them could make an appearance, BUT, if I do run a zombie game there you're more than welcome again mate!

  9. Great job on the Hummers, they look really good, I did this aswell a little while ago, you gotta have 'The Umbrella Corp' !

  10. Hi Guys, been a away for a few days at a trade fair checking out all sorts of cool stuff for Zombie Shop, so apologies for the delayed response. I was really pleased with how these were table-ready so quickly.