Standby, Standby. Go! Go! Go!

The first public appearance of Outbreak City took place this week. As always, an exciting and nervous event for a new project. We played All Things Zombie, the game went superbly well and the whole play-set was well received by the players and other club attendees alike. The battle report is now under construction so expect to see that soon.

In the run up to the game I was, like always, frantically trying to finish as much as possible and fighting the demons of ‘do without and do it properly another time’ and ‘just stay up late and get it finished’. For the most part the former prevailed but I did manage to get a reasonable amount of things out of the workspace and onto the table.

I finished the Hasslefree Hazmat Squad. They were a pleasure to paint. I was also forced to buy a new bright yellow and their tanks received a coat of clear gloss varnish to help them ‘pop’ a little more.

Hasslefree Hazmat Squad. Tip of the spear. Bio-threat style.

"Zulu Down!"
"Stack up."
"Why are there no grey gloves left?"
"100% bada$$ and I still have to wear orange gum boots."

Andy’s Gunworks had its sign fitted at last, although I still need to finish his roof access and add some white garden funiture, a pallet and a barbeque to keep him happy.

"So What's the Bad News?"
I finally finished painting my original four Hasslefree survivors. They were usable before but I wasn’t satisfied with their bases and needed a final pass and highlighting before I could call them done.

Hasslefree Survivors - Ray, Ken, Suzi and Lara
Having spent a little more time on these miniatures than I normally would, and having enjoyed every minute, I am keen to explore acrylic mediums to help with the blending (the paint was drying out quite quickly as I blended). I also want to expand my pallet of tools and colours to help make the most of the models.

With Easter not that far away I decided to add this little nod to Zombielarp. Bioflex is a multi-billion pound corporation that dedicates a considerable amount of its focus on bio-technology and military grade hardware. Worried? Justifiably so.

"Delivery for a Mr P. Anderson?"

Finally, on Saturday the 5th March I attended Zombielarp: Evolution. The bad news is, the gun-cam footage was not captured. I’d like to blame a technical fault, but once the adrenaline-fuelled frenzy had subsided it was just as easy to point a finger at my own stupidity in the chaos of the moment. That aside, the good news is I captured enough footage during the night's proceedings to put this little ditty together.


  1. Very nice painted miniatures, the video is great and the resident evil music is a nice touch.

  2. Those Hasslefree Hazmat troopers are great figures. I like your paintjobs. The heroes look much better now that you've given them some more love. I'm very much looking forward to your batrep.

  3. Well done, looking good overall. It has begun.....

  4. Hahah lovin the zombie Larp stuff ...too funny, Hazmat team looks awesome mate well done, keep up the good work, I am also looking forward to the batrep with pics...... :)

  5. Hey Adam, nice work on the hazmat squad, survivors and the gunshop! I can see that I'm starting to fall behind here ... time to pull my socks up I think!

    I hope to get time to today to view your larp films at last - looking forward to it!

  6. Wow. That Hazmat squad is something else, I particularly like what looks like inking to get the contrast on the yellow suits, and of course, the phenomenal basing.

  7. Gee thanks, now I must have a HAZ Mat team of my own! Those guys are going to look great on the table.

  8. Thanks for the positive feedback everyone. The basing inspiration has really come from blogs by Gnotta' and Christopher (aka Axebreaker), go check them out if you don't already follow, and, of course, the Studio Miniatures website. My best buddy pointed out a while back that when you're stood over the gaming table it is the figure's base, not the figure itself, that you generally see the most of. I've tried to spend a little more time on the bases ever since.

    DocStout. The Hazmats are a yellow base coat with a watered down wash of Devlan mud then highlighted with the yellow and a couple of lighter blended highlights. Overall they have all came out a little too shiny for my tastes. I might have simply applied a little too much matt varnish in one go. Gonna try out some new matt varnishes until I get the look I really want, but they are gettig there.

    The videos are real fun to put together, scary when you're there but exciting to edit.

    Sorry LTL :)

    Thanks again.

  9. I gotta get me some of these Hazmat guys - they're awesome. Very well done indeed! Keep it up.