RTA: An All Things Zombie Batrep - Part 2

With blood on his knuckles and a second body at his feet the realisation hit Troy like an offensive line. This wasn't an isolated incident; not road rage gone insane.

Something was wrong in Outbreak City. Something very wrong.

Above the typical quiet of an early morning, shrieks of terror could be heard in the distance. Low moans and guttural, feral cries replaced birdsong.

"Hey!" he yelled at the woman reaching in through his now broken car window after Hank. Her head snapped in his direction and she shambled towards him with a high pitched scream.

In she rushed, dead eyes fixed on Troy as he prepared himself for the assault. He braced himself as she came in and grabbed her flailing hands as she clawed at his face. He twisted, turned and pulled her to the ground. She almost had her teeth in him as he slammed her into the tarmac and her vicious thrashing ceased.

Hank's heart reached a crescendo as he repeated to himself 'Gotta get outta here!' under his breath. He cursed himself, frozen with fear, cowering upside down with his head in the footwell of his friend's sports car, unable to even close the door beside him.

Hank snapped out of his panic when Troy slammed the driver's side door. Troy fumbled in his pockets for a moment and realised Hank must have the keys.

"Give me the keys!" he yelled as Hank squirmed like an eel in a barrel in the ludicrous position he'd gotten himself into.

Outside, the walking dead, drawn to the commotion, shambled ever closer to the car.

Hank twisted into a seated position and scooped the keys from out of the footwell. Troy snatched them out of his hand and gunned the engine just as the undead were upon them.

As Troy struggled to keep his composure the squeal of rubber heralded their escape and attracted the attention of more creatures. Out of the darkened alleyways they came.

Troy ploughed across the intersection, the roar of the 3.6 liter engine accompanied by high-pitched screams as the undead, threw themselves at the car in a furious blood lust.

"Look out!" cried Hank as two figures lurched out into the road and Troy drifted to avoid them.

As they neared the figures Hank saw a gaping head wound and bared, broken teeth as the bloody mess flung itself towards them.

The car door slammed hard against Hank's shoulder and he winced at the impact. The body spun and crumpled and a shock of crimson spray appeared across the windshield and wing.

"Holy shit!" said Hank as he looked back at the crowd of walking dead gathered in the street.

Troy didn't say a word. Nor did he risk a glance in the mirror, for fear of what he might see.

They'd certainly had better days.


  1. Very good story so far. But where are they heading? More please

  2. great stuff,i cant wait for more

  3. Nice and short batrep. Keeping it simple works well for one-off tales like this. Or will we be seeing more of Hank and Troy?

  4. Thanks guys. This was intended to be a one-off, it is actually a modified version of 'First Contact' and was my first solo game. As I played I kinda grew to love the characters. It'd be fun to find them some armed versions, so fingers crossed we'll be seeign more of them.

  5. The city always looks so awesome!!

  6. Very nice Adam - I'm certainly looking forward to seeing this all on Sunday!

  7. As usual just great scenery and fun report!


  8. Thank you everyone, glad you're enjoying it as much as me.

    Colin - looking forard to meeting you sir, it should be fun.

  9. Very nice report, thanks for posting.

  10. Great scenery and inspired photo.

    Really like Troy & Hank, hope to see more story from these two ;)

  11. Man, I like these. The narrative style in the writeup, the minis and the scenery... keep it up!

  12. Great blog, just enjoyed reading your past posts. Well written Battle Reports.

  13. Thank you Smillie, they have been a pleasure to play and write. Glad you have enjoyed them.

  14. Where have you gotten to Zombie Ad ??? how did the event turn out ??? did you complete your board ?

  15. The Extraordinarii - Life finally caught up with me. All revealed in my next post sir.