Outbreak City at Eastern Front 2011

We interrupt our scheduled programme to bring you this news from Outbreak City!

The Lead Will Walk The Earth will be running a display game at Eastern Front:The East of England Wargames Show in Norwich on Sunday 21st August 2011.

Eastern Front: East of England Wargames Show 2011

Historically, Norwich held host to a popular annual show for a number of years. The show began to wane and eventually fell by the wayside and now, after a prolonged drought, the new show organiser Kim Daniels decided Norwich was once again ready for wargaming event. Eastern Front premiered last year and was hugely successful.

The show features a number of display games, a strong list of traders, the ubiquitous bring-and-buy and three competitions: The National DBA league, Hordes/Warmachine and Flames of War.

Inspired by The Extraordinarii's stunning work on his Small Town USA project and in the tradition of all pivotal wargames events I have decided to construct a brand new 6' by 4' Modern City Wargames Table (the baseboard) ready for the event. "Quiiick!!!!" Always up for a slightly foolish challenge I dived right in and construction is in full flow, I will post a full 'this is how I did it' (or didn't quite manage it) after the event.

Luckily for me I kinda forgot that I had promised to make a Dystopian Wars Ocean table for my best buddy and, handily enough, he and Matt from Too Much Unpainted Lead will be running a Dystopian Wars display game at the show too. Double the Van-Damage! So I tried to grow and extra pair of hands (didn't work) and the garage is literally full to the brim with battened MDF. In for a penny, in for a pound. Wish me luck.

Eastern Front, The East of England Wargames Show is being held in the fabulous St. Andrews Hall venue in the centre of Norwich.

St Andrew's Hall - Norwich

Come support the show and if you do visit please drop in to The Lead Will Walk the Earth and introduce yourself.

The Lead Will Walk The Earth will returns to it's scheduled programming. RTA: An All Things Zombie Batrep Part 2 follows next episode.


  1. Wow mate, I'm very flattered, thank you for the mention, and if I can help in any small way let me know, and good luck with the project I will be watching with much enthusiasum

  2. Hey Ad, I might just try and get over to Norwich to see you there! Need to see how long it will take me first though!

  3. Hope it's a success and the show.

  4. Best of luck, Adam. I do wish I could attend, so keep us informed of how it went via your blog.

  5. Thanks guys. The Extraordinarii, havign realised how soon the show in and also havign to work away from home for a while, the project is actually almost done now, havign been put together in every spare slice of time I coudl msuster. I've been studying what you have done so far and 'stolen' the aspects I thoguht I could deal with in the small timescale I had to get it done. I don't think I'll get ALL the finishing touches done, so I might be chasing you for a few tips on those.

    Thanks for the support, I'm really looking forard to the show.

  6. Being a "local" I attended Eastern Front today, and had the pleasure to chat with Adam whilst drooling over their city terrain. Thanks for the advice on how to create the buildings.

  7. Mike - You're most welcome. It was fantastic to meet so many gamers ethusiastic about zombie gaming. Thank you for stopping by and if we've inspired you to get your zombie fix in miniature so much the better.