More Vehicles for 28mm Zombie Gaming

Finding good die-cast vehicles for a 28mm Modern Wargame isn't necessarily difficult, once you settle on a scale, most of us go for 1/43 (I certainly did), it is simply a case of trawling the interwebs, scouring ebay and visiting high street stores.

Unfortunately, it is not always so easy to pick up suitable models at a reasonable price. Some of the more desirable 1/43 models can sell from anywhere up to £200 (yeah, I was surprised too). And at the lowest end of the price scale, the cars are often not even marked so you know what scale they are.

Whilst hunting for vehicles to fill the streets of my All Things Zombie campaign's Outbreak City one tip I found useful was to keep a 28mm model (unpainted) in my pocket whenever I headed to the shops. So if I stumbled across something that looked promising, I had something to compare it against. This didn't guarantee against the perils of scale creep, but it certainly helped.

This little trick stood me in good stead this weekend when, whilst guarding the trolley against the addition of surplus items (kids do that sometimes) during our weekly food shop, I spotted these three beauties in the reduced goods aisle at Tesco.

1/43 - 28mm stone quarry tipper.

1/43 - 28mm Up-and-over skip

1/43 - 28mm refuse lorry, comes with an 1100l Eurobin

These are from their 'large industrial series' and the three models available were a refuse lorry, a truck hauling a large skip and a stone quarry delivery tipper. These are not the smaller HotWheels/Matchbox scale cars. These 1/43 equivalents are not always on the shelves for long, but they're worth it if you can find them.

£1.75 each in Tesco's reduced section. It got my attention.

The potential of the Tesco models was first highlighted to me over at Colin's Down Among the Zed Men. I've always kept an eye out since. Each one of these models was sold for the princely sum of £1.75. Falling prey to the 'addition of surplus items' demon, I almost bought the lot, but settled on one of each instead.

I think they're actually might be just a little bit bigger than 1/43. But they match very closely in scale to the delivery trucks I picked up - the Tesco Load and Go sets, which I updated with BioFlex livery.

Comparison - same scale, more detail, lower price.

In comparison these vehicles are of a far better standard than the previous ones, with crisper lines and additional detailing. They all have moving parts - great for us gamers who like to move bits on models to represent different scenarios on the tabletop and the inclusion of the 1100 litre Eurobin (sometimes referred to as a Taylor bin) is a bonus.

A little large for 28mm but it works well enough.

However, as the name suggests, I'm not sure they have Eurobins in the states, where my Outbreak City All Things Zombie campaign is set. I think I'll use it all the same.


  1. They really do look the part. Add some weathering on some and your all set.


  2. What a great find! I wish we could get those here. Is Tesco a shop or a brand?

  3. The trucks look really cool!! :)

  4. What a bargain! So it does pay off to be on trolley duty hehehe...

  5. great stuff,and so cheap,i wish they were in tesco ireland,all the tescos here are being expanded so i hope they will get some in

  6. I wish I was that lucky when I go shopping. I usually arrive after the last bargain has been sold. Even so, great find. You were clearly in the right place at the right time.

  7. Those are bloody great and yes I too carry around a 28mm figure.

  8. I really was very excited when I found them, a little bit of wee almost came out.

    Christopher - exactly the comment made by a friend of mine after seeing 'The Road' scenario in the flesh. Gonna start experimenting soon and see what I can come up with to make them look a little more lived-in.

    Shelldrake - Tesco is a store, a supermarket here in the UK.

    Bryan - Downer - We all have our time, that was certainly my day.

    Fran - nice to know someone else has the same idea sir!

  9. They look great, and the garbage can is perfect for me :D

  10. "a little bit of wee almost came out" - TMI!!!

    Good score Ad, I was in Tescos looking myself on the same day - obviously the wrong branch though! :(

  11. Zerloon - Thank you sir. That garbage can looks very like the Fenris one.

    Colin - :) They really do seem to be stocked only for very short periods of time.

  12. Wow nice finds mate, and the bin looks and scales very good.

  13. Thanks The Extraordinarii - I was, understandably, pleased to stunble upon these, not been able to compare it against a Fenris one but it works for me. just need to 'scum it up' a bit and perhaps a logo?

  14. Excellent find Adam..
    About weathering diecasts, I'm trying to find a way but without success. The only one I managed do do was the blue van that I totally stripped and painted from scratch...
    I used to carry a 28mm model myself but, the bad looks I collected from the clerks in the various shops made me change my habit.... :|

  15. Thanks Gnotta. I've not tried it yet because I still have memories of my Dark Future days when I tried all sorts of techniques that didn't work. I do have some fresh ideas, but it remains to be seen if they will work.

    If you tell them what you are doing and ask them to help they'll probably just leave you to get on with it! ;)

  16. Cool find. Does the Eurobin open? Can you fill it full of corpses? Twisted minds want to know.

  17. It certainly does ZedWord. I was going to fill it with garbage bags, but now my twisted mind thinks you're onto something sir! :)