Fun with Photoshop

Whilst writing up my next BatRep, It'll be posted soon, I was looking back at some of my early photographs.

In response my Zombtropolis post Whiteface, Mr Obviously Zed, commented that I needed some fog to complete the scene in one of my pictures. Hmmmmm?

I recently gained access to the use of Photoshop through work and although I certainly don't count myself as proficient in any way whatsoever (I really don't use it much) I thought I'd have a bit of a play and see what could be done. I had no idea where to start what I wanted  to do so after a couple of google searches and copious use of the 'Step Backwards', read Undo, button - I came up with this. This one's for you Oliver.

Ray could see the creatures moving in the fog below.
As a reminder, here's the picture as originally posted.

Look Mom, no fog!
Whilst I didn't have a specific objective in mind I thought I'd play with a couple more shots.

Street Scene - Before

Street Scene - After
And finally.

Wrecks - Before
Wrecks - After Photoshop

Whilst I'm not intending to doctor every picture I post in Photoshop I can certainly see the benefits of 'airbrushing' a few shots here and there and for cutting out things like coffee cups that you didn't see where in the frame when you took the shot, like in the last picture, there's certainly something to be said about what it enables you to do.

Whether it remains a bit of a gimmick or something I use more frequently remains to be seen, but the potential benefits for the story-telling aspect of the hobby are undeniable.

Oh, and if I happen look 10 years younger and 20lbs lighter in my next profile picture - I owe it all to good clean living.


  1. Oh, I could have so much fun with this! Sadly, I've only used Photoshop on a few occasions, which is a terrible admission for a graphic designer to make. To be fair, I have used a few other DTP programs that I'm more familiar with. Background clutter in my own batrep photos is something that always bugs me. I'd say, if you have the time, you should Photoshop all of your batrep photos, but I realise that may not be a viable proposition. Even so, these three test pictures are tremendous and I salute you for a job well done.

  2. Cheers Christopher. It was fun.

    Bryan, thank you very much. I generally make a point of trying to get the best shot I can at the time which means most of my recent pictures don't have much non-table background in them (unless I miss it). I doubt I'll be touching up that many but I think I may like to try a few shots that I specifically intend to Photoshop so they are taken with that in mind. Perhaps I'll just sneak some in and see if anyone notices? :)

  3. Oh yeah photoshopping, I used to have absolutely boring backgrounds until I found out how to artificially add a radiator, a green styrofoam board or some storage racks... ;o)

    Thank you for the picture! Now you need this ( miniature.

    Whiteface / Oliver

  4. cbaxter - Thank you

    Oliver - Lol :) You're welcome. I would definitely like to add some Zombiesmith miniatures to the collection. Perhaps a full length music video is in order eventually?

  5. Nice work Adam! It's a pity I barely know how to use paintbrush.... ^__^'

  6. Those are well done and I need 20 years younger and 100lbs lighter.

  7. Gnotta - Thank you sir. I'm sure you'll get there ;)

    Fran - Cheers - Send me a pic and I'll see what I can do. Of course there's no guarantee that I won't give you the body of a goat, the ears of a bat and the stripes of a zebra instead? :)

  8. Subtle use of photoshop to add a background other than the wall/furniture behind the gaming table is a great idea, and the results show it is worth the effort!

  9. nice shots looks almost real!

  10. Great job with your Photoshopping!


  11. Thanks Ted - I think they worked out ok for a first attempt.

  12. Hey Ad, I'm a bit late in coming to this post, but it was certainly worth it; I've been ... er ... 'improving' my pics with MS Paint (blocking stuff out) for a while, but it is a pain. Unfortunately I don't have access to Photoshop at present, but I'll have to see if I can get it from work too ... I'm sure I'll need it for something there. Well maybe I'll use it once!

    Anyway, great work on your photos - I'm very impressed

  13. Hi Colin, good to hear from you again. I won't pretend it was easy for me and I think I've got a long way to go before some could look at a photo and not spot what's been done, but I'll certainly keep trying. Well worth having a go if you can get hold of it. Thank you sir.