"Check out ma new car!"

My sister is awesome. Why?...cos she's the kind of sister that knows geek is chic and, whilst she is not a gamer, she knows I am and knows how much I enjoy my hobbies. I had a delightful surprise at a recent family get-together when she announced 'We've got a present for you.' and my nephew, 2 years old, offered me a broken toy. Copious amounts of 'mashing' had wrecked the drive mechanism and axle of a 1/43 (or thereabouts) Hummer and, as no amount of repair was not going to make it usable as a child's toy again, it was very kindly offered to the Outbreak City collection. As gamers we're all about the free stuff and copious amounts of superglue followed. The results speak for themselves. I am pretty sure this will be the chosen transport for my gang of intrepid survivors in my All Things Zombie campaign.

"That's how we roll"
I managed to get another of TommyGun's buildings completed. It is just a small one but a great addition and, considering that every band of survivors will at some point realise 'We need drugs, bandages and first aid supplies.', a rather likely objective destination.
Night Nurse, tampons, something for the weekend sir?

I've only played a few small test games on the set-up and now it is reaching a more substantial size I think it is high time for a 'reveal'. We have a club game planned for the week after next where Outbreak City will be making it's debut public appearance. I'll be starting work on the scenario this weekend and I'll be sure to post pictures and a battle report following the action.

Just in today; RPGNow have offered up this freebie in their latest newsletter, from the guys at AnCON, a complete card game in pdf. format. Zombies Attack! great for when you have some friends over and want to get your a zomb fix but don't have time to get the whole playset out.

Zombielarp: Evolution is this weekend. I managed to finish another side project ready for it, my most ambitious mod yet. Behold - the Nerf Stampede! The air restrictor has been removed and it has received a vinyl dye, plastic primer and acrylic paint job. I plan on strapping a video camera to the top of the gun. The footage could make for some interesting viewing.

Full Auto Zombie-slayer or hopeless security blanket?
Go Team Mactabalis!


  1. Car, great!
    Building, very nice!
    Gun, absolutely win!!!

  2. Thanks for the rpgnow heads up and who couldn't like that gun, nice building but looking forward to a big batrep on your zombie game.

  3. lots of nice new shiny stuff and they all look great. Very cool indeed! I'm looking forward to your first batrep. I hope it all goes well for you.

  4. Really nice building and car.


  5. Hey Ad, if only eevry gamer's family was as helpful as yours! (I'm not jealous at all ... no, I'm not, honest!)

    Thanks for posting abouot the Zombie LARP in a recent post - I'd not heard of that before; I would love to give it a go!

  6. Thanks guys, some fun progress is being made in the background (more posts to follow) and the first big game is coming up fast. I already have another one booked too.

    Zombielarp is awesome fun, well worth checking out and highly recommended to anyone remotely interested in zombies.