Incursion: 3D Play Set - Fenris Games and Scratch Built Cave in Markers

As a welcome respite from building the two Incursion game boards I've been throwing in a few objective markers and other counters to keep things interesting along the way.

I purchased a set of Fenris Games Incursion Objective Markers, see these previous posts for my Zombie Pinger and Doomsday Device. As they fit the theme perfectly.

I happily painted away and when I had finsihed I put the finished Cave-In marker straight onto the 3D game board only to immediately realise it simply didn't look right. The Fenris objective markers are designed to fit on the 40mm printed game board and as I up-scaled the board (so that I could get miniatures in and out easily) the Cave-In was simply too small to reflect an actual cave-in any more; whoops!

10 minutes are finishing this one I went to work on my own, slightly larger, version.

It's not as good as the Fenris games one and in retrospect I would have stuck the top n onto a larger base and simply filled in the gaps, but it does the job.