Incursion: 3D Play Set - Part 2

Slow but steady progress with this. Not a great deal to talk about as the process is pretty self explanatory.

I simply marked out the grid and then filled in the blanks. The hashed areas are where the 'block's, or walls, will go. I up-scaled the board a little, so that getting the 40mm DS based figures in and out of the terrain wouldn't be a problem.

I managed to get the second board done, so here's the two individual boards joined together.

Incursion 3D Play Set: Both boards in planning stage. Miniature for scale.
There's a long way to go, but it's definitely taking shape. The miniature is for scale. That's a 40mm DS based miniature down there.

I also started downloading some graphics ready to use on the interior. Such as this. It'd be rude not to.


  1. I absolutely LOVE the Hessa poster, Adam. You have to use it!

    1. Absolutely Bryan. I've found a few more that have that I think you'll like too :)