Outbreak City: How to Build a 28mm Zombie Gaming Table - Part 4

With the show looming and with TONS of work still to do I kinda knew I had to knuckle down and get the 'texturing' stage finished. You can play All Things Zombie on any surface really, but once I had the vision in my head, I just had to make it a reality.

I was working away from home during the week whilst this project progressed, and I wanted to get this to a 'ready-to-paint' stage before going  away again on the Sunday night.

Rather than lock myself away in the man-cave, and miss out on my family, I commandeered the living room on Saturday morning and set about moving things forward whilst the family caused even more chaos all around me.

The texturing progressed.
Whilst I was 100% behind this method, I couldn't help wonder what had really let myself into.

Cutting out squares of card for something small is one thing, anyone who has scratch built a slate roof knows that by the time you hit the second half the novelty diminishes, but this, as simple as it was in principle, was something else.

Perhaps I had over-estimated the time it was going to take... maybe... perhaps... erm... yeah... I did. A lot.

Minutes rolled into hours and daylight vanished. By the time everyone was tucked up into bed I put a little backgorund inspiration on.

Resident Evil flowed into Night of the Living Dead and as the credits rolled on Dawn of the Dead a little face appeared at the top of the stairs.

"Were they being chased by monsters Daddy?" Whoops, error.

My daughter was a awake and quite possibly scarred for life. It was around half three in the morning and I still had loads to do if I wanted to get a sealing coat of paint into the boards. I should be taking her up to bed again and settling her down.

"Can I help Daddy?"

I need all the help I can get, and my daughter; a hobbyist? Epic.

"Yes please." I confessed.

My other half woke up a few minutes later. For some inexplicable reason, none of us could sleep, so, perhaps in sympathy, an army of cardboard engineers marched onwards.

Cardboard Engineer Reinforcements - 3.30 am. Thank you guys - I love you.
Not only was the help appreciated but with three people sticking the tiles down, things progressed ever more rapidly. We finished the boards by the time the sun came up and thankfully, we all hit the sack, exhausted.

One of three 2' by 4'  sections.
On an easy Sunday filled with lots of sitting down quietly, pancakes and copious amounts of strong coffee I headed to the garage and sealed the edges of the boards and the sidewalks.

Sealing the main detail on the board, and the sides of the battens, with MDF Primer.
So far so good. Perhaps more of a 'How NOT to' guide for this stage, but after a close call the project was back on track again.

To be continued...

All Things Zombie


  1. Fantastic tale and family contribution as well, you're very lucky....

  2. Sometimes you can get help from the most unexpected of sources. Kudos to your wife and daughter for stepping up to the plate and helping out. The family that sticks together... well, erm,,, sticks together!

    1. "The family that sticks together... well, erm... sticks together!" Perfect Bryan :)

  3. Coming along nicely and great to get family to pitch in!


  4. The board is coming together nicely and I know your pain dude. I had to cut a huge amount of cardboard myself and even in a smaller scale (5x5mm).
    But I didn't had the support you got there. You're indeed truely a lucky guy with your girls helping you.

  5. Looking great. Nice to see the family working together. I'm hoping my two girls will show an interest when there older :D

  6. Boards are looking great. Very cool to have the family helping. Sounds like Sunday was a little more relaxing.

  7. Good progress, and beautiful co-worker :D

  8. Looking fab-U-lous. Keep up the good work. It really is coming on. Have empathy with the living room stuff as that is where I have to model.

  9. Don't worry, once you're done with it, it will suddenly appear much easier. And that table can only get better, great job!

  10. This was a heart-warming post, Adam, thanks!

  11. Looking good! And what a nice family you have! Supportive of the hobby!

  12. Adam, next time we game, could you bring your co-workers along? They are both prettier than you after all!! ;)

    If only all families were as helpful and supportive as yours - you are a lucky guy Adam

  13. The path and board looks epic, well done! And a very well done for the family efforts!!!

  14. Thanks guys. It was a task and a half but it was wonderful to have the family pitch in and help so supportively. I couldn't do it all without them.

  15. Priceless story. You truly have (to remain in Barkerese Wargaming terminology) a wife as well as a daughter Superior!

  16. Any more posts about making the board? I would like to know how you did the asphalt. I'm itching to make a city of my own