28mm BMX Bandits

Like a few other fellow bloggers I've been having difficulty with blogger this last week, guessing it might be an i.e. and hope to be able to sort that out this week. So a short post and deviation from my All Things Zombie gaming table posts for now.

Enjoy the little things, they say. Well some of the things I enjoy really are quite little.

My good friend James, who knows I am on a quest to fill Outbreak City with all sorts of awesome 'stuff' picked me up these BMXs for my birthday. In his words "I thought they'd look great just lying in the street." Thank you James!

The red bike and the blue bike had a race.

If you buy it and paint it right away it doesn't count...right...and if someone else buys it for you and you paint it right away, even better.

I always wanted a Raleigh Burner.
What I got was a Grifter instead.

These 28mm scale bikes are available from Black Cat Bases, as well as all sorts of other fantastic street-filling detritus, junk, bottles, cans and other waste that I can't wait to get my grubby little mitts on. Well worth checking out.


  1. Black cat has a lot of great stuff!!!

    Nicely done on these bikes!

  2. Yup nice work. bike look great. I had thought about doing a skateboard gang myself

  3. I shall certainly be checking these out. Thanks for the heads up, Adam!

    1. I think these would work great in your skate park Bryan!

  4. Nice assetsto the street paraphenalia4

  5. Very nice and they look great.

  6. Those are very cool. Nice, thoughtful present from your friend.

  7. Hahha they are awesome.... gotta get some.

  8. they look fantastic,they add great detail to the board

  9. Thanks guys, they were fun to do and quick...but I guess that's cos they're pretty small. :)