Zombies, Zombies - Everywhere!

I was recently asked, by DocStout, how many zombies I could put on the table before I ‘ran out’ and up until the point I answer his question I hadn’t actually bothered to count.

"They're coming to get you Barbara."

For my first batch of zombies for ATZ I adopted a classic gamer made-do-and-mend, using whatever I happened to have in my unfinished projects bitz-box. I had a couple of packs of Games Workshop Warhammer zombies from which I selected the least medieval looking and based on 25mm round bases. I used my 'normal' style of basing painted in an urban style.

Games Workshop Zombies - What big hands you have.

I also had set of Copplestone Plague Zombies, a couple of modern zombies which I think are from Ral Partha or Grenadier and one old GW metal zombie.

Copplestone Plague Zombies - Standing the test of time.

Ral Partha or Grenadier and Games Workshop Zombies

The first batch turned out ok and it was great to be able to crack on with a project without actually buying anything but at the same time I was, pun intended, chomping at the bit for some modern looking zombies.

Zombie Hunger
After trawling the interwebs and studying as many blogs with zombie miniatures in as I could, I settled on Studio Miniatures for my first batch of ‘real’ zed-heads. I ordered the Horde 1 pack because I couldn’t resist the exclusive George A. Romero model.

Studio Miniatures Zombies
What can I say? The sculpts are superb, they come in a cool retro video case with a very cool cover and they have the perfect balance of character and Every-day-Joe feel to them. My only criticism is that de-flashing is difficult. Not because there is lots of flash, on the contrary there is very little, it’s just the models are so highly detailed I was simply worried about ‘blurring’ out detail, such as flods in clothing, as went.

Inspired by the Studio Miniatures promotion pictures and by the superb work of Christopher (aka Axebreaker) and Gnotta I modelled Miliput bases and picked up some Army Painter 'tufts' to help with the look I was after.

Studio Miniatures Zombies - Dawn of The Dead (2004)?

Studio Miniatures Zombies - Roadkill!

Studio Miniatures Zombies - Flesh-munchingly good

How many zombies does one need?

In answer to Doc Stout’s original question, I have just 40 zombies. It doesn’t sound like much of a horde but believe me, once the flesh-chomping little blighters are on the table it’s more than enough. That said I’d like the collection to grow. My current target is 60 zombies and I haven’t yet painted the Mr Romero model - I want to give him a little one-on-one time. 60 zombies would seem to be about the right number of zombies for most zombie miniatures games, allowing for a little recycling here and there.
Seeing the release of Studio Miniatures' latest offering, Zombie Mob 008, reminded me how much I love their models and I’ll definitely be adding another one of their Hordes to the collection soon.

Studio Miniatures Zombie Horde 008 - "Need!"

Enough is Enough?

I have just one question...will 60 zombies be enough?


  1. 60 is quite a few I'd say! Those studio zombies are probably the best.


  2. 60 sounds like a lot to me! But even with 60, could you actually stop?

  3. I have about a hundred and I think that's enough for me especially with recycling them in the game, 60 is probably enough which the odd addition as you go along, we are out of Vampifan's league though:D

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  5. Is 60 enough? Good heavens, no! It's not nearly enough! You have to get into triple figures to get a decent sized horde. Realistically speaking, I'd say try to aim for 100. Anything over that is a bonus. Of course with so may cool zombie figures to collect nowadays it's easy to achieve that goal.

    Adam, can I take this opportunity to make a public service announcement. I have just received Mob sets 007 and 008 from Studio Miniatures and they came with a free figure - Big Daddy from Romero's fim "Land of the Dead." He is such a cool figure. He has a Steyr AUG assault rifle slung over his back, which is just the icing on the cake for me. The reason I'm mentioning this is that there is no word on the Studio website about this free figure, which I assume is only available if you buy the two sets Mob 007 and Mob 008. Maybe they just haven't got round to it but in the meantime I thought you should know.

    Note: edited for spelling

  6. Want that double set!!!!

    And to your question...no ....it is never enough! I have about 70 zeds and I ran out in a game I had with a mate!!! Though I would say that in an ATZ game 60 would be fine.

    But how can you stop? There are some great models outthere! Celeb zombies as well! Jacko, Elvis, Romero, Shaun and the village people.

  7. i think you need atleast 120. not because you can or cannot play a game with 60, but the more zombies you have the better. their are too many cool manufacturers out their that make zombies to stop at 60. in fact 120 is probably too few also. happy zombies

  8. Good start, I am not sure how many zombies I have, I believe it may be close to 60, I know its not enough. Though lately I have been more focusing on Survivors/Gangers/Military then zombies.

    I do need to start saving up to order me some of the Studio Miniatures Zombies, along with a couple other manufacturers zombie sets.

  9. Thanks guys. Looks like the general opinion is 'more than 60' then! I had a feeling that might be the case. And no I am not sure I could stop. :)

    Thankfully, there are so many cool zombie miniatures available now that I'm feeling spoiled for choice. I think I'll stage my goals in 10's or 20' - and shamble relentlessly towards my objective.

    Bryan - Thanks for the tip about SM Mob 007 and Mob 008, fantastic to know!

  10. How many zombie you need?
    How many stars in the skies?
    How many grain of sand in a shore?

    Some question simply have no answer! :D

  11. I've been of inspiration for someone.... Tears of happiness are filling my eyes....... :P

    Speaking of zombies I think that 80 might be a good number for ATZ. At the moment I have none (shame on me) because I use Zerloon's zombies but I have a lot of survivors/gangers/civilians, 17 and counting ( 3 others in progress)... ;)

  12. Adam, I can identify the figures in the fourth picture down. From left to right they are Grenadier, Grenadier and Citadel. You were very close with your own guess. Will it surprise you to learn that I have all three?

  13. Zerloon - I think you are right...some things just are...we don;t need to know :)

  14. Gnotta - :) Your work is indeed very inspiring and it was great to see it in the flesh at Salute.

  15. Bryan - Thank you. I would be more surprised if you didn't have it! :)

  16. Though I'd seen most of these pictures one or two at a time, they make an impact collected all in the same article.

    Great profile on your entire horde and many thanks for the link!

  17. Thanks DocStout. You're most welcome.