Boyle, Howard and Romero's love child?

I've spent a huge amount of hobby time on just one project this week. It all started with an inspirational lightbulb moment featuring a deadly melting pot of the 28 Days Later 'Rage' virus and the increasing popularity of the pulp genre in gaming. When I consider that, as a long time fan of Robert E. Howard, giant apes were a staple of my formative years it seemed obvious to take things to their logical conclusion.

Behold - Hanumombie - zombie ape god!
Containment was to proove...problematic.
We're doomed I tell you, doomed!

Now that would make for a cool All Things Zombie scenario.


  1. You're a Genius!!!! :D
    Only one question, the monkey is yours or you've stolen it from your kids?? :P

  2. Thanks Gnotta. :) It's my daughter's. She let me borrow it, but was dissapointed when I took the 'stickers' off him :)

  3. Borrowed it off your daughter...I like that, very funny.

  4. Cheers Bryan.

    Thanks TAL - She even offered me his albino twin :)

  5. Strangely, I could have used one of those for an RPG I ran some years back that frequently had "Giant Ape Gods" a la King Kong turning up.

  6. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! This really made my day!!!

  7. welcome to the hba
    jeremy [iZombie]
    hba staffer

  8. Does this remind anyone else of the opening sequence of the Goodies with the white kitten climbing up the post office tower?

    You do realise Adam,that you'll be paying for this for years in therapy bills don't you?

  9. Time to take up twitching perhaps? :)

    I'll do a 'real' post next, by Crom!